1. There is something inside this Balloon. It's a tube.
2. Get hold of the tube and pull it so the end pokes out of the mouth of the balloon.
3. Next put the tube to one side of the mouth and pinch it between your finger and thumb.
4. Start to blow up the balloon. It takes about 12 full breaths to get it to the size of a big basketball (Make sure you keep pinching the end of the tube tightly in the mouth and don't let it slip back into the balloon).
5. When your balloon is big enough hold the mouth with the tube pinched in one hand and twist the neck round and round with the other (about 15 times).
6. To seal the baloon, push the twist firmly deep into the balloon with your thumb then carefully release it so the twist doesn't unravel.
7. Leave the balloon for a few minutes for the twist to stick before you play with it.