Introducing the Amazing Balloon
Amazing balloons are round, bouncy and more fun to play with than normal balloons. There's a tube inside that pulls the neck into the balloon and which is open at the other end so you can push things into the balloon after its been inflated.


Amazing balloons are round not pear shaped like normal balloons. They are round because there's a tube inside the balloon that is tied to the neak when you seal the balloon and that pulls the neck and the mouthpiece into the balloon making it round and aerodynamic
Amazing balloons are bouncier than normal balloons. A tube, like a modelling balloon, stretches through the inside and enables the balloon to be sealed by twisting together the neck and the end of the tube or by pulling the tube out of the balloon and looping it round the neck.
Amazing balloons are new and different. They are useful to balloon decorators and entertainers and great fun to use at parties and events. They also appeal to people as accessories to a healthy lifestyle because they can be used for exercising and relaxation.
Use No.1. The balloon's got a hole through it so you can push a rod into it and use that to hold the balloon.
Use No.2. The balloon is round like a ball, bouncy and much more fun to play with than normal balloons. It is the most lightweight rubber ball in the world and can be used to play all sorts of games.
Use No.3. Make balloon sculptures. Other balloons are attached by twisting them around where the balloon has been tied. At the other end the balloon can be mounted on different lengths of sticks. Outdoors the sticks can be pushed into the ground to mark out areas or attract peoples attention (no need to use expensive helium that leaks out quickly).
Use No.4. Format the balloon as a punchball. Either attach a rubber thread where the balloon has been tied or push the closed end of a modelling balloon into the inner tube prior to inflating and sealing the balloon. (See the red 260 coming out of the yellow balloon)
Use No.5. The balloon can be made into a musical instrument. First put some seeds, beans or couscous into the balloon then inflate it and mount it on a rod or stick. From children having fun to people shaking it up at events to serious musicians quite a volume and variety of sound can be produced by this larger than life rattle.
Use No.6. A balloon light is made when a chemical light stick is pushed into the balloon after inflation. It can be activated when required by hitting the balloon to launch it. Small battery powered leds can be put into the balloon. Used together with fluorescent colours and prints this balloon is ideal for night time musical and party events
Use No.7. A YoYo balloon is a bit of a Japanese thing. Fill the balloon with water from the tap to about the size of an apple then tie the balloon, after pulling the inner tube out as far as you can. This is the kind of thing parents can help kids to make at a summer party, they can be inflated with water and air as well.
Use No.8. For having fun at childrens parties. Balloons, formatted in different ways, mounted on sticks, tied with elastic thread, filled with seeds or beans to make sounds, with water to make yoyos or just filled with air and used to play games like tennis, ice hockey, volley ball or squash etc.
Use No.9. As the official ball for a new competitive game or sport. Most sporting games involve a ball in some way made of rubber; football, rugby, tennis, squash, golf, basketball, volleyball etc. The game would be played inside because the ball is affected by the wind and be like tennis or squash without the rackets.
Use No.10. For exercising and de-stressing. Not a traditional use for balloons but just bouncing the balloon against a wall is a pleasantly mesmerising form of exercise, bouncing against the ceiling, kicking or heading the balloon, is a bit more strenuous. People buy aspirational lifestyle products to help themselves or their friends lead a healthy life with less stress and more exercise.



1. There is something inside this Balloon. It's a tube.
2. Get hold of the tube and pull it so the end pokes out of the mouth of the balloon.
3. Next put the tube to one side of the mouth and pinch it between your finger and thumb.
4. Start to blow up the balloon. It takes about 12 full breaths to get it to the size of a big basketball (Make sure you keep pinching the end of the tube tightly in the mouth and don't let it slip back into the balloon).
5. When your balloon is big enough hold the mouth with the tube pinched in one hand and twist the neck round and round with the other (about 10 times).
6. To seal the baloon, push the twist firmly deep into the balloon with your thumb then carefully release it so the twist doesn't unravel.
7. Leave the balloon for a few minutes for the twist to stick before you play with it.

© Mike Brown 2022
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