Amazing Balloon is launching a New Product.
It's light, it'r round and it's very, very bouncy.....


We call it a BalloonBall. It's got an inner tube running through the middle which pulls the mouth of the balloon into the body making it round and aerodynamic like a big, bouncy rubber ball.

And Children love it, they are immediatly attracted and choose it in preference to a normal balloon everytime. The balloon has a kind of magical poise to it that is attractive to people of all ages. But the big thing about the balloonball is that its fun to play with.... It's much more bouncy than a normal balloon so bouncing it between two people or against a wall enters a different league. It's the lightest rubber ball in the world. You can play games hitting it back and forth over a makeshift net in the middle of a room and it's so light it doesn't knock the ornaments over even though play can get quite intense!!!

The balloon is a valuable new addition to a balloon professional's armoury. The inner tube that runs through the central axis is also a hole into the balloon that you can push a stick or handle into so you can mount the balloon on a rod or cane which can then be pushed in the ground - great for outdoor events - but also, because the balloon has two poles, you can attach one end, where the balloon has been tied off, to the floor or ceiling and use the other, where the hole goes in, to mount say flowers or virtually anything. What will balloon twisters do with the new balloon, it's part round part 260!? And of course, if the balloon is popular, advertisers will want to use it to put their message on and people will want all the birthday, Christmas and haloween versions.

The balloon has the novelty value to attract new customers but in the longer term there are things about it that broaden the demographic to a wider user base with sustained demand. For instance the balloonball can be used as an adjunct to exercise or meditation because the simple act of hitting it against a wall and returning the bounce back is quite an absorbing activity.